Company Background

Eskom DSM projects - Mercedes Benz SA East London
Specialist Energy Engineers is a Level four B-BBEE company which consists of a group of highly experienced energy engineers who have been involved in the energy conservation environment for the past 10 years. However, the company also offers general electrical engineering design and project management services as outlined in this company profile.

It has as its particular ability the development of residential, commercial and industrial electrical infrastructure as well as the design and implementation of energy management and energy efficiency systems for the above sectors. Measurement and Verification (M & V) services are also included with the team being involved with the Eskom DSM program for the past 5 years and recently started with the Namibian Power Utility (NamPower). Electrical design and development services for government based services are also included, e.g. health, education and others.

The design team boasts with 30 years' experience in the engineering field and maintains a close relationship with the University of Johannesburg to support its ongoing research and development programs in the field of new technology and innovative solutions for commerce and industry.